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Today, I ride into Seattle along the Burke Gilman Trail.
Tonight I sleep in my own bed.
Tomorrow I will celebrate ( again) with some of my teammates who will come to Whidbey on their way back to Virginia. Please stop by the house and say Hi, 5-7 pm….


Why and how did I make this journey?

It’s important in my life to try new things even if it’s out side of my comfort zone. I began this quest to bring awareness about what is possible if you dare to challenge… I have met many folks along this route who have inspired me with their tenacity, strength and motivation despite living in a chair. One woman who ” use to be a runner” before MS said ” no” reported she still gets that ” runners high” after she runs while tethered on pulleys in the pool… We laughed, because she knew I could relate.
I am proud to be finishing this ride; many folks will benefit from the money raised. Kudos to all the donors!
We all have the ability to ride, some are more challenged than others but the factor that makes us ride or not is ” motivation ”
When I was young, I pestered my father every summer, “can I ride my bike to town?” Answer was always, ” no” . When I turned 12, he said ” yes”. My 2 friends & I left on my blue Schwin 3 speed bike. ( no water, cell phone or helmets). We got to the gas station; filled up with H20, candy and pop. Very hot and tired, we came up with a plan; Let the air out of the tires and call for a ride. We did just that. My father came to the gas station and calmly filled the 6 tires full of air, and turned and said matter of fact; ” OK, there you go. You got here so I know you can get home!
We still laugh about that story and how easy it would have been to just throw the bikes in the station wagon and drive home…
My dad was a great motivator, teacher and inspiration in my life. When people find something, someone, or some cause that can motivate them, I believe there is no stopping the momentum to ” keep moving”….
I have lived with this eclectic, diverse group of riders for 68 days. Each one of us contributing a different spice to life. My cubbie will not be missed! I will remember the camp stories, the laughter, some tears,the rides, tent cot camping, credit card camping, places I’ve not been,people we met along the way, tired legs, words of encouragement and most of all the teammates who stuck together and made this a journey that makes me proud to be part of! I am riding “home” tomorrow and very excited to reunite with family, friends, and neighbors!