July 23rd ( a day to remember & try to forget )

After a great morning riding with Julie & Shannon, I left rest stop #2 by myself. With only 25 miles till camp and only 3 main turns in the route, I was confident that I was OK…. Wrong…. I missed the ” unsigned” road sign to Barnaby Lake road & continued another 3.5 miles up hill on a gravel road (where every state road crew worker was stationed)…. It was beyond HOT as they continued to pour new oil & hot tar on the road. I finally stopped, asked a tractor man for a check on the map, he replied” I saw your other riders about an hour ago… Way down the hill. We wondered what you were doing up here, thought maybe you were training harder….” …..good news, It was mostly 3.5 miles down a slippery, oil slick country road to get to where I should have been 2 hrs ago. I got to camp, feeling very frustrated as some of my teammates carefully joked, “Diane— your grounded again”


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