Baby cow in the middle of Glacier Hwy ( he’s ready to charge me). I stop, clip out, scared, not sure what to do…I then halt a 5 car caravan ( from U.W Geology field trip grp) behind me as I see the papa cow come up from the ravine– ready to protect… van driver gets out ,says ” I wouldn’t ride past them things just yet . How about I escort you across… I say ” sure, but you take the inside lane”.. ( I’m ready to get in his van) .. Just then mama cow comes to the road to take charge…she moans & the 3 large beasts scurry off down the ravine.. It was a first encounter for me….you can’t make this stuff up! My adrenaline got me pedaling safely up the ginormous hill with an escort!! I later the next day, I sat with the U.W students at the top of Glacier, sharing a laugh about who owns the road and “taking the lane”


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