July 9th (Happy 21st Birthday Evan & Aren)

July 9th (Happy 21st Birthday Evan & Aren)

Dark skies… Weather said possible 50 mph winds. Riding by myself, I stopped at the top of a long descent as the temperature dropped 15 degrees. Just as I was putting on my vest, I felt the first rain drops pelting my back… I knew I was in trouble…. The wind was so strong, I thought I was going to curl in a metal culvert about 300 yards away… After listening to the lightening and feeling the hurt from the hail balls I opted to pick up my bike and seek cover at a farmhouse up the road. I stood under a 12 inch overhang.. Which proved worthless as the winds shifted towards me. I moved to the side yard where I quickly relieved myself and waited out the final 10 minutes of a “flash storm” I was SOAKED! Scared, and cold. I then went to the front door to thank the folks for cover and realized the house had a lockbox & was vacant!
Just as quick as the storm hit, it left & the temperature went back up to the 80’s… I dried off as I descended the hill and rolled into camp with stories of, “where were you when the storm hit?”


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