Slept in the Cemetery

Slept in the Cemetery

Most challenging night so far. I sponge showered in the cemetery proper. Washed the hair under the cold H20 hydrant, competing with bugs ( some I couldn’t I.D. ) A farmer stopped by to give us a bottle of Vanilla! i slathered the liquid all over me & miraculously the Mosquitos disappeared .. Wow. I then set up my tent cot on a flat spot ( so I thought)… After a nice dinner supplied by Zac’s family ( who live in the area), I bedded down. At 0230 the first rain started, then the thunder, lightening & mean sounds. I was so scared….. What to do, I forgot the rain fly tonight& I’m toast! Thoughts: if I perish ..I’m right next to this nice cemetery & it’s looks like there’s space. I finally got up @ 0400 when I heard others stirring. My shoes had floated down the grassy ravine; damage assessment, 3 inches of H20 in the tent cot… Bag, pillow, clothes saturated.. Team meeting at 0630.. Decided its unsafe to start our 103 mile ride today.. Postponed x 2 hrs. Zachary uncle picked us up & took us to his BEEF cattle farm 30 min. Away. Roads closed everywhere due to flooding. Drank some coffee, bowl of cereal….. Feeling very apprehensive.. How & who are making these ” lets go ride decisions”.. We piled back in the SUV after someone looked on their phone & said, ” hey we have a 2 hr window before it starts storming again..” Put all our stuff away WET, got on our bikes… Rode out of that town of Elkader just in time before it completely flooded & got hit by a sm. tornado… I was exhausted that night… Thank god for the church we stayed in that night… Chance to dry stuff out & wash!


One thought on “Slept in the Cemetery

  1. WOW, you are being challenged in so many ways!!!!
    We had a night like that and lost 4 tents due to the wind. With all the lightning striking I thought if this is it at least I’m doing what I want to do – BIKING!!!
    Calmer weather is coming!!

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