Finding cover

Finding cover

What happens when you follow the route leader? Hum… End up 12 miles off route . Flat tire, darn those gator skins! Flagged down a random truck, to take us back to square #1. 4 women packed like sardines , 4 bikes, all in the back of a short bed truck, just as a torrential downpour started. No holes in the truck liner, so our shoes bathed in 2-3 inches of H20! All we could do is laugh, no jackets, rain gear—- heck it had been 80 degrees when we set out in the a.m. Now we had another 50 miles to ride … Took awhile to get started… Thank god for Tim the man ( mountain biker) who stopped to help w/ route leaders tire.. Oh & did I mention the 12% grade hike up Kancamagus Pass? We arrived @ the campsite in Thetford, VT. Town of 350? Cooked a huge potluck dinner in the community Thetford Center. Befriended some great people ( nancy& mark horseback instructor, & database manager @ Dartmouth), who then invited me for a hot shower… We camped on the grassy field in the middle of town. Cold,, but not to bad, until I saw the slugs on the mouth of my H20 bottle!! Anyway, we set off for new day & 78 mile ride to Middlebury, VT ( St. Stephens on the Green)


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