Short & WET

Slept at Heritage Park, Belfast. A sweet grassy area-that the town chamber let us use. Woke up early to workers weed wacking the surround. Ate at Traci’s diner(serious home fries) did some fundraising w/the locals. Even met a man from Camano Is. “Ya I saw you guys on the news last night 😊🚴. Just rolled into the Second Congregational church for a nights stay & free meal! I am chilled to the bone ( hot chic. Tastes better than the best bottle of Merlot!!! Rained. Big . ( the kinda ride when you wipe wet “snops” off the tip of your nose constantly). Sure miss safer Dave to clean bike . Saw beautiful πŸ‚πŸπŸ“today on many BACKRoad routes!image



2 thoughts on “Short & WET

  1. Now you don’t have to worry about finding a shower and washing clothes – mother nature did it all for you. You are so lucky!

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