6 days starting to panic!!!

I actually signed up to ride my  bike across the Northern Tier of the U.S …some 4,295 miles for BIKE the US for MS…… some of it should be flat and some will probably be downhill, right?  I am looking forward to meeting the group of riders i will be sleeping with for the next 70 days. Looking at their pictures, i suspect not many with any gray hairs but age sometimes has it’s advantage.

My Tent-Cot  and  thermarest mattress will be my savior. If I can’t sleep, i’m toast the next day! should be a cozy haven; will need to recruit a “young rider” to carry it from the support van each day, say for a beer or two!

My lists are long. such satisfaction to cross things off…. what to bring or not…red or blue, 4 or 5 pairs.The deciding factor is…. does it fit into the 30 x 18  16 cubbie (cardboard prototype) that  I will be living out of in the MS support van.



2 thoughts on “6 days starting to panic!!!

  1. So excited to hear about your big adventure!! That’s been on my bucket list for a while so can’t wait to experience it through your trip. Good for you!

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